Travel Blogger Jobs, Employment
Travel Blogger Jobs, Employment

Author: Travel Blogger Jobs, Employment

Don't get me wrong, I love my computer, especially since it's what allows me to do work from anywhere in the world. On the brighter side, he said if Corner Brook doesn't ice a team next season and the league goes ahead with three teams, it would cut down on travel costs for the remaining teams and provide an opportunity for others on the west coast to reorganize and come back stronger. Although I have yet to determine whether I would like to make blogging a full-time career - journalism, business development, marketing, media and copyright are features of my profession as a freelancer, and skills which are conveniently important to travel blogging.

The point of this post was to help you guys understand that there are so many ways and resources to fund your travels if blogging websites you really want to. I get that our generation is all about that instant-gratification life, and we want to just send a two-minute email to a blogger in hopes for a response on how to start jet-setting by next week, but I'm afraid it's not that simple. It looks more professional without it: Depending on what your purpose for blogging is, you may choose to remove the blogger navbar because having one makes a blog look more like a free-hosted blog and less like a professional site worth taking seriously.

So we enlisted the help of my blogging inspiration and good friend, RM Nisperos (not a travel blogger) about how we could optimize it a bit and if he could help us with some redesign and oh it's FREE, but we ended up paying a new designer to redesign our website, and it cost us $1000 for it.

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